Bridge Odyssey for Android

Welcome to the web-site for Bridge Odyssey, an Android app available on Google Play Store for playing the card game, Contract Bridge. It is available in English and French.

Whatever your level, from beginner to expert, you will find something for you in this full-featured, standalone app.

At each stage (the deal, the bidding and the play of the cards), Bridge Odyssey provides extra information about the odds, or the expected outcome, to help the player judge the level of risk.

Bridge Odyssey is a FREE app.

Bridge Odyssey 2 adds more functionality for a modest, one-off cost. It will soon be available in French.

With Bridge Odyssey:

Plus with Bridge Odyssey 2:

On this web-site you will find a blog about the latest developments - upgrades and news. Also additional help, with screen-shots demonstrating the app, and a video guide.

It is also intended that soon you will be able to contribute issues and ideas for the developers to work on in future releases. In the meantime, please feel free to email the contact address below.

The journey starts here... Video Bridge Odyssey 2
Introductory post - Play SEF_bidding_fr